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About Tuning With Technology

Tuning with Technology gives ensemble directors an excellent foundation in intonation concepts, tips for teaching tuning to students, practical explanations of the Harmony Director/Tonal Energy, and 52 exercises with students parts included that will make it easy for directors and students to take their intonation to the next level.

Available in print ($59.99) and ebook ($49.99) formats.

52 Ensemble Exercises

Each book contains 52 ensemble exercises for band directors to implement in their classrooms.  These exercises come with goals, instructions, and assessments to make putting them into practice straightforward and effective.  Conflicting and concurrent tendencies are marked in the score and student parts.

Copy or Print as many student pages as you need!

Podcast Episodes

Tuning With Technology

In this episode, my colleague Jordan Stern and I discuss general tips for improving ensemble intonation, including working to develop aural skills in students, exercises to improve pitch matching in the band, and common pitfalls.


To hear Jordan and John talk about some of the ins and outs of intonation in a podcast, click the link below.  In these episodes we discuss what makes tuning happen, why it matters, and how you can help your students to develop greater intonation skills.

Classroom Management

The first episode of the podcast introduces the ever important classroom management: why it matters, how you can plan ahead, and the ins and outs of procedures.  In this series you can gain insight into how to guide your students to better behavior and practical tips for improvement classroom management!


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John Denis

John Denis is currently an associate professor of music education at Texas State University.  He teaches upper-level instrumental music ed courses, clinics, and writes various music education texts.

Jordan Stern

Jordan Stern is a lecturer on the music education faculty of the Texas State University School of Music. His responsibilities include teaching methods courses, teaching a course on arranging for concert band, instructing the Bobcat Marching Band drumline, and supervising student teachers.